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He’s Hot, You’re Not

Posted on: October 23, 2009

It’s crazy how quickly and often things change in music. One minute you’re at the top, nobody able to touch you. Then the mext minute, we’re like “who?”

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At one point, not too long ago, T-Pain was untouchable. Appropriately nicknamed “The King Of Collabos”, he was on EVERYBODY’S damn song. Some of his masterpieces include “Low”, “Blame It”, “Buy U A Drank”, “Can’t Believe It”, “Go Girl”, “One More Drink”, “Kiss Kiss”, “Good Life”, “Outta My System”, “The Boss”, “Got Money” and the list goes on and on. Every time you turned on the radio, there he was. Now, it seems as if he’s faded to the back.

His style of singing became very much scrutinized in Jay-Z’s song “Death Of Autotune” and the rest is history.

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Now, it seems like the one in the spotlight is Atlanta Rapper, Gucci Mane.

He is mos definitely doin’ his thing. He has been on numerous songs including “Obsessed (Remix)”, “Break Up”, “Freaky Girl (Remix) and “5 Star Chick (Remix). He has worked with Usher on “Spotlight” and Plies on “Wasted”. He has an album coming out in December, The State vs. Radric Davis.

Do ya thing Gucci.


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